Listen, don’t go about saying we get drowned by water everyday but we still drink water. That saying is long old of a talk. Yes I know the fact that someone else Lied to you or Deceived you does not in anyway mean everyone is like that but that doesn’t also mean, just walk in Trusting so much.

Many at times, we end up being disappointed because we never learnt from the past. Well, I can say from the fresh stages of the wound, anytime you are getting close to trusting, you sort of remember the hurt and take a step back but as soon as the wounds heal and it leaves no scar, we seem to forget and if care is not taken, what happened in the past reoccurs again.

Salt looks like Sugar until you taste and see the difference. Salt tastes like sugar until there’s a written notice on both to determine the differences. Nobody has “Bad Person” written on the face till they act bad. I’m saying it again, it’s not bad to Trust in someone or something but be sure whatever you are Trusting In is worth it. The Bible says woe betides he that places his trust in man. If it’s possible, don’t trust anyone and anything else aside God and his Words. But if that is a difficult thing to do, then each time you want to consider TRUSTING be sure to VERIFY first !




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