Our Environment Must Be Protected By All Means


I unfeignedly dedicate this write-up to Dr. Cobbina, who doubles as vice Dean of the Faculty, Natural Resources and environment and also the Head of department for the Eco-tourism and environmental management for he commanded the ink in my pen to flow into this piece.

The deterioration of the environment by natural or human forces is known as environmental degradation. Natural happenings like heavy rain, floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. are not under human control and they play havoc with the environment time to time by making the land unfit for cultivation. Here man is helpless.

He can do nothing except to see the havoc. But when man himself plays a vital role in degrading the environment in which he lives, then the problem becomes more serious.

Needless to say that environmental degradation is one of the major global issues. The overuse of resources either land or water and the industrialization process are the major causes of this phenomenon. Man has been felling trees for his various purposes.

He never minds if this process goes on without check, it will lead to soil erosion, floods, silting of irrigation canals and cultivated lands, which finally degrade our environment.

Our population is increasing alacritously, which also degrades the environment to a great extent.

Man’s insatiable needs and distress have disturbed the whole environmental equilibrium. The race of armament among countries is no less responsible for this global issue.

Apart from these, our industries emit smoke and discharge liquids including polluted water. The smoke contains many undesirable gases such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. All borne particles in solid, liquids and gaseous form.

The pollution in the atmosphere has tendency to form their layers and sinks in the atmosphere. The chlorofluorocarbons which come from aerosol sprays, nuclear weapons, refrigerators etc., have caused a hole in the ozone layer of atmosphere. This hole is allowing increased amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching our earth.

The above mentioned factors have really degraded the environment and if ways to check it are not applied we will have to face serious consequences. We must put an end to our insatiable needs and desires. There must not be indiscriminate cutting of trees because it will lead to ecological imbalances. Instead, we should know the value of tree plantation and should plant trees as many as we can in our surrounding area. As the adage goes “when the last tree falls, the last man dies.” Also, our ever growing population must be checked because it puts an extra burden on our natural resources.

Our, factories should also not be allowed to emit large quantities of harmful effluents into the air through their chimneys but rather be discharged into the seas and oceans because this polluted water can be treated and recycled to be used again.

Our environment must be protected by all means. We must realise the fact that as long as our environment is sustained, our living on it will be second to none. The day, there will be no Clean /unpolluted environment, life on earth will be a complete failure.

I firmly believe that, Should the above enunciated points meet necessary consideration, the human factor in environmental degradation,  if not all the favors, will become history not worth recollecting.

Thank you.

I have the pen, you have your say



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