In Ghana, theatre is almost synonymous with Uncle Ebo Whyte. It is an obvious truth that this man has over the years rebuilt the Ghanaian excitement in theatre. It is worth mentioning that the years of experience this man has in the industry is probably about my age. The question that keeps ringing in the minds of many people is; who takes over from this great man? There are a host of emerging talents in the industry worth noticing. However, I choose to talk about someone who doesn’t only define theatre with his dynamism but also with his versatility in the type of performances he puts up.


In a recent conversation, he told me he isn’t out there to be the next Uncle Ebo Whyte. No, he wanted to perhaps be the next Tyler Perry and probably end up becoming a world-acclaimed playwright and director. Well, it may seem a little difficult but I’m pretty sure Tyler Perry himself thought the same thing when he started his dream. Quite recently, I overheard some people calling him Tyler Percy. So who knows; he might just get there.

Eric Percy Danso is a Geomatic engineer by profession and a playwright by passion. He is a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He is the Artistic Director of Echoes Production. For those of us who have seen Echoes in action, they need no introduction but for those who haven’t I bet you’re really missing out. Let’s take a sneak peek into Echoes Production.

Echoes Production is a Christian theatre production company based in Kumasi and Obuasi. However, over the years they have reached out to other cities with their marvellous work. For the past four years, Obuasi has seen a tremendous acceptance of the impact theatre has on a society. With their remarkable entertaining and educative stage plays, Echoes has built a strong audience in Obuasi and the appeal has equally spread to other towns including Kumasi, Cape Coast, Accra and Koforidua. Echoes is a solid team of committed individuals who believe in making impact through theatre and have gone on to actually make impact. In Echoes, commitment, dedication and passion are vital in achieving goals. Talent comes in a bonus. Their head, Percy has a subtle but firm way of directing and bringing out the best in everyone. His patience and resolve to ensure that each person becomes better is worth applauding. And when you sit watch them in action, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll leave with a lot of important lessons as well.

One thing worth noting about Echoes is their pure sense of national pride. In order to promote the Ghanaian culture, Percy uses only Ghanaian names. Though a little small as one may consider it, I think it is worth mentioning as this will obviously set precedence for other writers to use Ghanaian names in their scripts to promote Ghana.

Echoes has had the grand opportunity of having worked with award winning actor Adjetey Anang on some very amazing productions notably ‘The Love Offering’ and ‘A Setting Moon; A Rising Sun’. Echoes Production was also the first to get Desmond Danso Sakyi aka Chiiief on stage for the very first time in a major production. Needless to say, these actors have made and continue to make tremendous impact.

One of the skits of Echoes Productions

Echoes has over the past four years produced ten wonderful stage performance that included a blend of music, poetry and choreography. I know Echoes is definitely going places and it is just a matter of time when they get the needed support to mount a stage like the National Theatre to showcase their unique style and ability. The intricately woven stories, the witty lines and heart-warming lessons, the beautiful dances and emotional moments; these are but a few of what to expect at an Echoes Production show.

So if you’re a church, a school, a group or a company and need anything on theatre, kindly get in touch with Echoes Production. Whether it is a commercial, a skit or comedy, just let them know and they will deliver. Perhaps you want to educate your students or colleagues on anything theatre, just search for them and you won’t regret it.

It has been a very challenging road for Percy and his team but I know they are definitely going to take the Ghana, Africa and the world by storm. They will be five years this November and as part of their celebrations I have been told there is another amazing piece called ‘SOW’ coming up. I just can’t wait. I believe all and sundry would have a great time if they ever get to experience Echoes perform. Just like they always do, they will definitely leave you with memories worth repeating!


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