Sunday, August 25, 2019

West African Magazine is a rising news agency set up by a group of Ghanaian youths who are passionate about the discourse of Africa, and desire to create a platform to market the new Africa to investors, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), tourists and other cultures, while providing career opportunities to writers, researchers, professionals and scholars. The sections of the Magazine are Education, Politics, Health, Arts and Entertainment, Social and Civil Issues, Business and Finance, Fashion, Culture, and Religion.


The vision is to provide a platform for Africans, particularly, West Africans to showcase their culture, innovations, educational pursuits, good governance, and workable business environment to the world at large. While this vision is the real focus, the team seeks to unearth creative writers, entrepreneurs and innovative youths in the sub-region for their skills development as well. We look forward to reaching out to several millions of people to join the campaign of the new transformative Africa in the shortest possible time.


The story of Africa has changed and continues to change for the better as our cultural disposition is shaped, more purposefully, in the twilight of civilization and modernism. It is surprising that the talebearers haven’t changed their conventional narrative which seeks to paint Africa in disparaging colours. It is a worrying phenomenon. Africa deserves an equitable platform to showcase what it has on the international stage but who will provide that platform in this prejudiced media landscape? The growing worry birthed the inception of WEST AFRICAN Magazine. That is the trajectory the Magazine seeks to tow. It is our primary purpose to project the New Africa, the Africa with great potential and fortitude geared towards building a healthy, peaceful self-sufficient, buoyant economy for its people.